Character Design Lecture

My purpose for the lecture is to provide the audience with a better understanding of what goes into the drawing and design process, Give insight into my personal journey for growth, and to leave the audience with new ideas in order to help improve ones skills.



Stephen came out to our offices for a full day workshop and provided an inspirational presentation followed by a full day of character design and exercises. It was an intense learning experience where we were able to focus and get back to the basics of character development.

Brian Wilk- Hasbro Toys


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I am writing because I thought it would great for you to know the level of impact you have had on our students and our campus. I originally had booked you to speak after seeing your work at the Wonder Con. I have also heard your POD casts and knew you could inspire people. The lecture you gave to about 100 plus students and faculty at the Art Institute of California Inland Empire surpassed our expectations. Your presentation was well prepared and your execution was flawless. The reverberations of your message is still being felt weeks after the fact. The students are charged up and inspired. Inspired to work at their school projects but also to pursue their own intellectual properties. Your discussions on mileage and exploration of various mediums has really pushed them to reach a little further for design solutions. There was also a few perspective students that were on the fence about a creative career and your talk really encouraged them to take steps towards a design lifestyle. So again, I wanted to Thank you for all your time an energy you spent here at the campus. I really look forward to your next visit.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Brillante
Assistant Director of Admissions
The Art Institute of California- Inland Empire

Stephen Silver is one of those premier artists who in spite of a non-stop schedule has consistently returned as a guest lecturer and instructor to help guide the next generation of animators as they pursue their dreams. Stephen doesn't just run through his work and launch a Q & A session but always prepares presentations that are both comprehensive and also rooted in the specific foundations of art and character design that has put him in such great demand, both in the industry and art schools in the area.

Dana J. Lamb, Professor of Art
Coordinator for the Art and Animation Program
California State University, Fullerton

With Stephen the student will leave the encounter not only in awe of his talent that will inspire anybody to get to work, but with the knowledge to help anyone on their path to becoming a better artist. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished artist, the information he shares is invaluable to all. He is well organized and prepared, friendly and accomodating and a pleasure to work with. His ability to keep his lectures light and flexible to the needs of his audience enables a well rounded experience where the attendees get a better understanding of the business of animation, illustration, and freelance art and the valuable knowledge that will help them in their pursuit of a career in art.

Brittnie Bruner
Guest Speaker Coordinator
San Jose State University