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1 on 1 Mentorship


This is not a course but an inexpensive mentoring program. This programs purpose is to help encourage you and guide you in the right direction so that you can continue your own development. I will discuss with you your career goals, look over your current artwork and give you some pointers.

Cost: $30 for the 30 minute session.

1) Book date and make payment here:  

2) Receive 1 on 1 advice live with screen capture



There is only one word that I can find to describe the value I got out of Stephen Silver's mentorship call: Luxurious.

He treated me fantastically, went over my art and offered me his vast experience to answer all of my questions, and helped me to build a killer portfolio. 
When I showed my art, I smiled when I noticed which pieces the evaluator looked at a little longer. It was every Drawing that Stephen went over with me, explaining how I could push them abit more.  My presentation was a success thanks to him. I've been taking courses online for years and I never, I repeat, NEVER have gotten so much value at such affordable price. 

I would recommend this to anybody who wants to enter the industry or further their career in it. 

- Jordana Gonzalez-Dopeso



The session was as informative as it was freeing. I've been moving forward with the daily warm-up exercises we discussed, and I'm already seeing an improvement in my work.  On top of that, I'm more excited about Lucky Bone Studio than ever and have individually planned out how my current projects can directly be used by or positively affect the studio.  Overall, I'm working to sideline that fear we talked about in favor of making good work consistently, and it feels great.  Thanks so much for helping me.

- Jessica Doll





For me personally, speaking to Stephen was good timing, a great experience, and something I felt I really needed. He gave me a lot of helpful advice over Skype. We shared some of our experiences and Stephen was even drawing over some of my work showing me examples of what I could do to improve my character sketches and take them further.

As I explained to Stephen a funny scenario and characters I witness at the casino where I work, Stephen started drawing one of them as he shared his screen with me and turned it into a hilarious example of how to think about gesture and character expression with an exhausted gambler, up all night sitting slumped over a slot machine, it was great! 

I am really grateful for Stephen’s thoughts, advice, perspective, generosity, time and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with him. I will no doubt book another session with him again in the near future.

I highly recommend a mentorship session with Stephen if you are an artist needing some professional advice and direction. You will no doubt receive some very insightful and meaningful messages from him, and an encouraging nudge forwards into your art career.'

- Robbie Allen