Silver Drawing Academy Youth Program

Silver Drawing Academy Youth program is dedicated to teaching kids between the ages of 6-17. These classes are an introduction to Cartooning, Character Design and Figure drawing. Drawing requires enthusiasm, patience. practice and persistence and of course Passion.

Throughout this eight week course you will be encouraged and taught new techniques and approaches that will help give you a better understanding into the creative world of art. Wether you are just starting out and creating for a hobby or wanting to make it a career, these classes will help you achieve that. 





Cartooning 101

For ages 6-14

8 Wednesdays from 3:30pm-4:30pm ages 6-9

8 Wednesdays from 4:30pm-5:30pm ages 10-14

Cost: $280

With Instructor Michael Voogd.

PURPOSE: To teach children ages 6-14 the creative arts in a fun, engaging and unique way. 

By completing the  Curriculum, students will become  well­ rounded and will master the 9 Families of Cr eativity: 1) Drawing 2) Painting 3) Sculpting 4) Animation 5) Acting 6) Caricature 7) Comic Strips 8) Writing and 9) Illustration. 

Supplies: Supplies for Character Design:

  •  A Sketchbook to complete assignments
  •  A Composition Book to write down ideas
  •  2 Blue Sketching Pencils and 2 Black Clean Up Pencils
  •  1 Pencil Sharpener
  •  1 White Eraser
  •  1 Thick/Thin Double Sided Sharpie Marker
  •  12 Colored Pencils
  •  Set of Watercolors with Paintbrush


Instructor: Michael Voogd -

The ArtNinja (aka. Michael Voogd) is a local Ventura County resident with an Associate Degree in Art from Moorpark College. Michael specializes in cartoons, animation, caricatures, illustration and comic strips. He has taught art enrichment programs at RiverOaks Academy, Conejo Valley Homeschoolers, and Golden Valley Charter Schools. Studying at the California Art Institute in Thousand Oaks, CA, Michael brings his fun and educational instruction to Silver Drawing Academy!


Drawing the Human Figure

For ages 13-17

8 Thursdays from 4pm-5:30pm 

Cost: $280

With Instructor Stephen Silver

PURPOSE: To teach children ages 12-17 the art of drawing and understanding the human form.

By completing the  Curriculum, students will become  well­ rounded in understanding  the importance of drawing and moving the human form.


1. Prisma Color sticks and China Marker, Charcoal 

2. Kneaded Eraser

3. 18x24 Smooth newsprint

4. Tracing paper

5. Drawing Board 23x26 to fit pad




Instructor :STEPHEN

Stephen has designed characters for Disney Television Animation, Sony Feature Animation and Nickelodeon Animation, designing the style of the shows such as "Kim Possible", "Danny Phantom" Kevin Smith's "Clerks" the animated series, and many more.

Stephen is  the author and artist of 7 self-published books on the art of sketching, character design, caricature and life drawing. In addition to working freelance,  and doing lectures, he is also the owner of the Silver Drawing Academy,