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Motivating artists through building confidence, pushing ideas and improving current skillset.

Join Stephen Silver (Disney, Sony Feature Animation, Nickelodeon) for a special workshop to help you become the creative you are meant to be. Designed for all levels of artists, this workshop will help you develop your drawing skills, understand the character design process, believe in what you want to achieve and discover your untapped potential. Let Stephen help you become the best version of yourself in: mind, practice, organization, confidence and skill.



Mindset, Caricature, Character Design

Description: Many artists are struggling alone. You don’t have to. My goal is to help you become the best version of yourself. I want you to come to my workshop and get out feeling energized, and with the right tools and mindset you need to move forward with your creative journey.

This workshop covers the importance of practice, persistence, patience, passion, concentration, and much more. It’s a great opportunity to watch and learn from my experiences. We will do creative drawing exercises, address any questions you have and breakdown essential ingredients to improve your all around skills, no matter what aspect of the industry you are working in.

I will guide you through useful techniques in order to stimulate creativity, solve problems, and help you become a better decision maker. Everything you will learn here will guide you through your artistic journey, whether you end up doing design, illustration, comics, animation or storyboarding.

Be ready to take lots of notes, do some drawing and most importantly have fun!

Length: 5 hours

Target Audience: students, working professionals


  • Acquire knowledge of steps to improve skillset

  • ·     Gain Motivation to fulfill your tasks and goals

  • ·     Transform Passion into action

  • ·     Transitioning from freelance to studio jobs

  • ·     Preparation for the work force

  • ·     Clearer understanding on pushing ideas beyond current thought

  • ·     Discovery of path to pursue

  • ·     Exercises to use on a daily basis for improvement

  • ·     Strengthening of needs in a good portfolio

  • ·     Helpful tools to build your observation skills

  • ·     Developing Better drawing habits

  • ·     Optimizing time management



  • Preparing a positive mindset to follow through on ideas

  • Breaking down effective Character Design

  • Partake in creative drawing exercises

  • Discover the importance of Caricature

  • Acquire knowledge of taking ideas to the next level

  • Identify new ways to break you out of creative ruts

  • Defining your ideas and implementing them on a daily basis

  • Presenting your work effectively

  • Q&A


Please bring copy size or larger paper or sketchbook for drawing and note taking.  

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WHERE: The Atrium Hotel, 18700 MacArthur Blvd, Irvine, CA 92612

OCTOBER 19th 2019. 10am - 5pm  


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MEMPHIS, TN- Location TBD -

NOVEMBER 16th 2019. 10am - 5pm  


Testimonials from attendees. To book a Lunch and Learn, Lecture or Workshop contact Stephen@silvertoons.com. film footage by https://www.imestudios.com


The attendees not only learned a lot, broadening their skills, but finished the classes invigorated and inspired. Stephen is a huge animation advocate and genuinely lives and breaths the creative spirit of both the art and industry. Tremendous job teaching, Stephen, we can’t thank you enough.
— Rob Davies, Co-Founder, Partner, and VP of Development at Atomic Cartoons
I just wanted to say thank you again for coming to San Jose to do a workshop for our club! Even now— a week after your visit— several attendees are still raving to me about the new skills and/or positive lifestyle changes they have acquired from your lessons. I speak for everyone when I say we had lots of fun and learned so much in such a short time with you.
— Darlene, San Jose State
The workshop was a perfect balance between technical knowledge and motivational input. I was able to recognize some of my personal issues and have a better understanding on how to work on it.
— César Vergara, Spain
I used to be ashamed of my work. This workshop gave me the tools I needed to be more proud of my art.
— José Castanheira, Portugal


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