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"Mindset - Caricature - Character Design"


"Thanks again for an amazing few days. I learned even more than I thought I would and it has inspired me to push myself further." -Jamie McCue

"Stephen. I can't begin to tell you how amazing this weekend was and how much it meant to everyone. You have reignited a fire that was starting to flicker out here and I can not thank you enough. You have no idea what encouragement you have instilled on ALL of us." Mike Stevens Austin College

My in-depth workshops are open for all levels of artists and are designed to help you develop your drawing skills, understanding of the character design process, belief in what you want to achieve, discover your self worth and help advise you in your career path. The workshop shows artists how to design effective characters in all styles, build a portfolio and build a positive attitude,thereby achieveing a greater enjoyment out of life as a creative person.

Each seminar covers the importance of practice, persistence, patience, passion, concentration, and much more. This is a great opportunity and a chance to watch and learn from my experiences and techniques to creating appealing, energetic character designs. Participants will be guided through useful techniques in order to stimulate creativity, solve problems, and become better decision makers, which will guide you through your artistic journey whether you end up doing design, illustration, comics, animation or storyboarding.

Thousands of individuals worldwide have attended Silver's lectures, seminars and workshops.  He has been hired by many companies and organizations in order to help develop the artist within. Silver’s methods of teaching and experience throughout the years have awarded many artists careers in their fields, from publishing, creating their own companies and landing studio jobs.


The workshop  will cover many topics in design such as the importance of:

  • The thought process

  • Creating variety

  • Observation

  • Shape variation

  • Caricature

  • Pushing your shapes and poses

  • Construction, feeling, & attitudes

  • Building a successful career path

  • The journey of getting started

  • Breaking down Character Design

  • Creative drawing exercises

  • Building a strong portfolio

  • Q&A

    Be ready to take lots of notes, do some drawing and have fun!

SCHEDULE - 10am-5pm

MATERIALS: Please bring copy size or larger paper or sketchbook for drawing and note taking.  


For SCHOOLS and STUDIOS  Please email me @info@silverdrawingacademy.com for pricing.

Cost of workshop:

One day workshop - $150 per person

Students will provide their own transportation, lodging and meals.  

A 100% deposit is required to reserve a space. 


After you purchase your ticket, we will email you confirmation and a link to join our private Facebook group to get the conversation started.

The group is great because it's an easy way to share information relevant to the workshop, updates, ask questions and get to know the other attendees before the event!



 Cancellation Policy:

  • At least 30 days before the start of the event: 100% refund 

  • Less than 30 but at least 14 days: 75% refund  

  • Less than 14 days: 50% refund 

  • Less than 7 days: Sorry, no refund 



I’m still reeling from all the amazing stuff I learnt (and the 22 pages of notes that I took), I just need to apply and live that advice now. It was an awesome workshop and totally worth the price.” -Thomas Brown

”It’s safe to say Stephen is one of the most prolific animation character designers today and we were extremely fortunate to have him here at Atomic Cartoons for a two-day intensive design workshop. The attendees not only learned a lot, broadening their skills, but finished the classes invigorated and inspired. Stephen is a huge animation advocate and genuinely lives and breaths the creative spirit of both the art and industry. Tremendous job teaching, Stephen, we can’t thank you enough.
— Rob Davies, Co-Founder, Partner, and VP of Development at Atomic Cartoons
I just wanted to say thank you again for coming to San Jose to do a workshop for our club! Even now— a week after your visit— several attendees are still raving to me about the new skills and/or positive lifestyle changes they have acquired from your lessons. I speak for everyone when I say we had lots of fun and learned so much in such a short time with you.
— Darlene, San Jose State

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