Learn directly from Stephen Silver either in person at his school in Los Angeles, or online from anywhere in the world.


Silver Drawing Academy in Sun Valley, CA, is driven by the goal of helping you improve your drawing ability through live instruction.


Learn from anywhere in the world by attending Stephen Silver's online Character Design classes.


These in-depth workshops are designed to help artists become more professional and successful in their careers.

1 ON 1

An inexpensive mentoring program in which we can discuss your career goals, look over your current artwork and give you some pointers.

Workshop Testimonials

I just wanted to say thank you again for coming to San Jose to do a workshop for our club! Even now— a week after your visit— several attendees are still raving to me about the new skills and/or positive lifestyle changes they have acquired from your lessons. I speak for everyone when I say we had lots of fun and learned so much in such a short time with you.
— Darlene, San Jose State
It’s safe to say Stephen is one of the most prolific animation character designers today and we were extremely fortunate to have him here at Atomic Cartoons for a two-day intensive design workshop. The attendees not only learned a lot, broadening their skills, but finished the classes invigorated and inspired. Stephen is a huge animation advocate and genuinely lives and breaths the creative spirit of both the art and industry. Tremendous job teaching, Stephen, we can’t thank you enough.
— Rob Davies, Co-Founder, Partner, and VP of Development at Atomic Cartoons
Thank you so much for joining me and the designers here at Nelvana. It was an absolute pleasure to have you here as our guest teacher. I found the class to be very thorough, and in the short time it was, you seemed to have touched on everything. 
I know we all enjoyed learning about the in’s, and out’s, and prep to your personal design method.
As a designer myself, we each have our own approach to design, and how we achieve it. I really enjoyed stepping away from my own norm, and trying some new ideas.
I thought the mix of the PowerPoint information, with the workshop aspect really added to the experience. The drawing really invited us into the lesson. Great for any skill level! Like I had mentioned yesterday, I feel as though we share a lot of the same passion, and sensibilities towards design, and art itself. I left the class feeling very inspired, and motivated. Your positivity, and motivating words were very effective, and gave the team something to aspire to.
— Brad Coobs, Lead Designer, Nelvana Animation Studios

Stephen Silver and students from the Jan'15 workshop at San Jose State university.
Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Joe 

Silver Drawing Academy Gallery

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